Avalon Estates App

Our bespoke mobile app showcases your property for rent or sale.

Avalon Estates ensures we set you apart from other agents

  • 360° remote property viewings – let customers view every inch of a property remotely whenever is convenient
  • Respond faster to real-time customer enquiries
  • Google Street View and Uber integration

Avalon Estates Sell and let more Properties

  • Send real-time notifications to customer’s smartphones as soon as a suitable property is available
  • Automated social media broadcasts - increase your property listings visibility without the admin time
  • Image gallery slide show – showcase properties more attractively
  • Give your customers the first look at the best properties for them

Avalon Estates Applicant view

Improved Customer View

  • Automated bookings and appointed scheduling
  • 360° virtual reality property viewings
  • Real-time notifications of properties meeting their requirements
  • Image gallery slide show
  • Customisable search

Avalon Estates Offices

Operate more efficiently

  • Take on instructions
  • Create 360 virtual tours
  • Shoot video footage
  • Voice record property details
  • Confirm viewing requests